A Time to Speak – Rivka’s review

24466484Title:  A Time to Speak

Author: Nadine Brandes

Genre: Christian, Dystopian

Series?  Book 2 of 3

POV: First person, present tense, one narrator

Cliffhanger? Yes

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

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About the Book (from Goodreads)
What happens when you live longer than you wanted to?

Parvin Blackwater wanted to die, but now she’s being called to be a leader. The only problem is, no one wants to follow.

The Council uses Jude’s Clock-matching invention to force “new-and-improved” Clocks on the public. Those who can’t afford one are packed into boxcars like cattle and used for the Council’s purposes.

Parvin and Hawke find themselves on a cargo ship of Radicals headed out to sea. What will the Council do to them? And why are people suddenly dying before their Clocks have zeroed-out?


My Rambling Thoughts
Thanks to Sierra Faith, Nadine Brandes, and Madeline R. (who probably doesn’t know she was influential) for convincing me to give this series another try. I am quite impressed with this book!

Where to begin?

Most of the things I complained about in the first book are not issues in this book!  Except maybe the preacher….still don’t understand the point of his character

Parvin has matured a great deal since book one.  She is such a trooper!  She has already gone through so much, and continues to go through ordeals, yet she handles them better this time.  I’m impressed by the choices Parvin makes.  She is much more reliant on God.  I loved how God and prayers were handled in this one.  It was not give the plot away, but still shows God’s power.

I like Solomon better than Jude, and I liked Jude!  Solomon is a lot more open and it is easier to get to know him.  His character development was spectacular!

It was nice to spend more time in Unity Village and get to know the world on the east side of the wall.  The world building was definitely better here.  So much more interesting!

This was one emotion packed story!  I really started to care for the characters the same way Parvin did.  And that whole orphanage thing made a much bigger impact on me this time around.  Children not compatible?  I will never be over the heartbreaking trauma of that scene.

The development in the whole clock department is wonderful.  I loved some of the things we learned about the clocks, especially the whole “glitch” thing.  That’s totally a game changer, and I’m curious to see how this will develop in the next book.

The twist at the end surprised me this time!  Oh, was that brilliantly painful.  And the ending was beautiful and painful.  Wow, that’s a cliffhanger done right!  But uuuuuugggghh where is the next book?!


I don’t usually pair books and songs, but this book is basically Thousand Foot Krutch’s song Fly On The Wall :D


Content:  Some violence.  Less intense than the last book, but still shows the harshness of the situation.


October Wrap-Up and November TBR!

Ello everyone! I am here today with the books I read in October and the books I want to read in November! Let’s get started :D

October Wrap UpOctober first I read The Heart’s Pursuit by Robin Lee Hatcher, which I gave a 4/5 star. That same day I read A Sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson, I gave it 3/5 stars.

October 8th I read, and reviewedThe Hive by John W. Otte. It got 4/5 stars :)

October 16th I read and also reviewed A Time To Speak by Nadine Brandes. It’s not pictured because I haven’t received my paperback copy yet!

October 17th I read the novella, This Quiet Day by Joanne Bischof! 5/5 stars and I will hopefully have a review up soon :)

October 25th I finally finished Blink by Ted Dekker! I started this book a month or so before that and set it down. I gave it 4/5 stars.

Sadly, that’s all the books I read in the month of October! I was hoping to read more…

Now on to my November TBR! I have already completed three books this month :D

Novmeber TBR

I have already read The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and have started The Sea of Monsters. Next I plan on reading A Flying Affair and from there on who knows! But I definitely plan on reading all that’s pictured plus more! I try to keep my list for the month small :)

Hope you guys enjoyed! Also here is a random selfie of me I took after I received The Hive in the mail!

The Hive


Review: A Time to Speak

A Time To Speak by Nadine Brandes

A Time to SpeakGenre: Dystopian, Christian.

Favorite Quote: “We have to become uncomfortable in our lives to become comfortable in our faith.”

Age Range: 15+

Stars: 5/5

Series: Second book in the Out Of Time Trilogy.

My Thoughts:
Oh my gosh, I am so happy I got the privilege to be on Nadine’s launch team for this book! I missed Parvin’s world so much, and A Time To Die ended at such a horrible cliffhanger!

Parvin has grown physically, mentally and spiritually since A Time to Die. In the first book, she barely survived, but in A Time to Speak she came back stronger than before, ready to tackle all of her problems! She is still nervous and feels like God is calling her to speak, though she isn’t sure about what or to whom. That really spoke to my heart because God tells us to speak and sometimes were aren’t sure what about or if to a specific person. Maybe we are just supposed to speak about our faith to everyone.

I love how strong Parvin’s faith is throughout the book. God is an important part of her life, and it shows. The theme of the first book is Shalom, or peace. Parvin finds her peace with God. She trusts God to bring her through the difficult times even if it takes her out of her comfort zone. That leads into the theme of the second book, boldness.

I am excited that Solomon Hawke is a main character in A Time to Speak. Solomon helps Parvin along throughout this book. I am pretty sure Solomon would do anything for Parvin. I like how he isn’t pulled into all of the technology of his world.  I am really looking forward to seeing Solomon and Parvin’s relationship grow in the third and final book.

Overall: I love A Time To Speak and all the characters! Nadine, you outdid yourself :)

I received this book from the author (Nadine Brandes) in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:

NadineJust got right to Nadine’s bio to learn about her! There is too much important stuff I can’t decide which to use!

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