Happy release Viscount’s Proposal!

31946174A Viscount’s Proposal by Melanie Dickerson

Age Range: 13+

Genre: Christian

Favorite Quote: “The chief object of the Gospel is not to furnish rules for the preservation of innocence, but to hold out the means of salvation to the guilty.”

Series: Second book in the Regency Spies of London, (Can be read out of order, but you get more out of the characters if you read them in order.)

Stars: 3.5/5



Melanie Dickerson’s books always make me happy! I enjoy the simple innocent romance in all of them!

The banter between Nicholas and Leorah made me laugh! It definitely reminded me of the conversations between my siblings and I. I really loved Nicholas in A Spy’s Devotion and was happy he was so prevalent in this book.

I do have to say the romance in this book wasn’t a favorite… I LOVED them by the end but the beginning of their friendship was meh. I normally like the hate to love relationships, but this one wasn’t a favorite.  The ending of this book was perfect and swoon worthy! Leorah and Edward’s letters to each other made me smile like crazy. I am excited to read the next book in the series and see how their life has progressed!

All the relationships were done well! The friendships and the romances.

In the beginning of the book I felt like there was a lot of telling instead of showing. Especially when it came to a suspenseful or action packed scene SPOILER (Highlight to see) like when she fell off her horse,  we were told that instead of shown.END SPOILER

Overall, I liked this book. It was a quick and cute read. I will be continuing on with the series as I will every Melanie Dickerson series :)


Thanks to the author for the review copy received. The thoughts and commentary are my own.



January wrap-up!

Ello everyone! How has your 2017 reading gone so far? According to Goodreads I’m on track. Woohoo! I set 130 books as my goal this year and I have read 12 of those :) Let’s get to my wrap-up of the first month of the year!

Least Favorite Read


Most Disappointing


Favorite Read

(The Chronicles of Narnia books will always be a favorite! But they were re-reads, and I want to save this spot for a new to me book!)


(Ugh, my heart! </3)

 Well, there you have it! What has been your favorite book of 2017 so far?


KING’S BLOOD Book Release Party

Isn’t it awesome when a favorite author releases a new book?  Jill Williamson has been a favorite author of mine and she just released the second book in the Kinsman Chronicles!!


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There is also an epic sale on Jill’s website right now!!

Jill Williamson’s Fantasy Saga Continues!
In the second volume of Jill Williamson’s Kinsman Chronicles, a remnant has escaped the destruction of the Five Realms and now lives on several hundred ships adrift at sea. As a flock, they sail north into the unknown in hopes of finding land that might become their new home.
As the king’s illness worsens, SAr Wilek takes authority over the expedition and struggles to rule the disjointed people, while assassination attempts, vicious serpents, and dark magic endanger his life.
One prophecy has come to pass, but another looms dauntingly in the future. Who is this Deliverer? And if the Magonians have him, what might that mean for the realm of Armania?