Most Disappointing Books of 2016

Ello everyone! So this ISN’T a list of my least favorite books of the year. This is a list of books I was excited to read for one reason or the other but was disappointed by it. No order whatsoever. Enjoy!


This was definitely my least favorite book in the series. There was an element in it I didn’t appreciate and I felt like the story lagged. I believe I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.



My first problem is this book is published by a Christian publishing company but the language was ATROCIOUS! Several uses of s*** and b****. I decided to ignore that and push on, the story was pretty good! But after halfway in the story slowed down tremendously and I ended up not evening finishing it.



This story did nothing for me… The story idea was very unique but wasn’t done well. I did connect with the characters, but I found the book filled with a bunch of tropes and I never continued with the series.


So this is a book everyone RAVED about this year. And I was pretty excited because I read and loved Ruta Sepetys Between Shades of Gray. But, sadly, I was disappointed. The characters were meh, and I didn’t feel like the story had a proper ending that made sense.


I really enjoyed Red Queen (it almost made my favorites list!) but Glass Sword was a disappointment. I was able to look pass the flaws of the first one, but for some reason I couldn’t with Glass Sword. Mare felt really…. dramatic? I’m not sure the word I’m looking for! But she reminded me of Katniss in Mockingjay. Almost exactly like post Hunger Games Katniss.


Yes… the whole trilogy. The first one I enjoyed! I gave it four stars. Then… the second one came along. I do believe it is my least favorite book of all time. I gave it 1 out of five stars. I can’t really talk about why I hated it so much without giving spoilers! But.. I hated it. Siren’s Song was slightly better but it only got 2.5 stars from me. 17378527.jpgThis book was a pretty big disappointment… I binge read the series this summer and I loved, loved, loved the first three books in the trilogy. But TRK… It… Ugh! I still get to mad thinking about it. It wasn’t anything like the first three, the characters were suddenly different, the ending to the whole Cabeswater thing was stupid, and there was a romance that made absolutely NO sense whatsoever.


I was expecting just a little something more… When I started the book I kind of had an idea of where it COULD go. But I was hoping it wouldn’t take that route.. Sadly, it did. I have heard it’s an exact replica of The Night Circus, which really makes me want to read it! But this one was a disappointment for me…


And last is Three Dark Crowns. This is a book that suffer from “The idea was amazing but wasn’t executed properly.” Which, I believe, is one of the saddest things to happen to a book! I am hoping the second book will be much better!


There you have it! My most disappointing books of 2016!


What is one of YOUR disappointments of 2016?


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I am a 18 year old Christian, Homeschooled, book addict :D That sums me up in one sentence! I also have a love for horses.

One thought on “Most Disappointing Books of 2016

  1. I personally found Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson disappointing. It’s not that I hated it or anything, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as a lot of other people did.

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