Dragons, School, and New Books

Hello everyone!  Rivka here.  I know I have been absent on blogsphere lately, but I do have good reasons!

I have been on an adventure in which I met a dragon and had to talk my way out of being eaten all while carrying a precious gem for a king friend of mine.  I’m just thankful that I made it back alive, and I will never forget the people I met on my adventuring.

Or, that’s what I’d rather have been doing.

Instead I have been busy with…

….wait for it….


The number one consumer of my time.  At least I’m learning new things, so that one day I can go slay dragons!


Currently, I am in the beginning of my most challenging semester to date, and just don’t have time to write up creative blog posts.  I’ve not even written proper book reviews lately!
I have decided not to feel guilty about this.  I’m not going to feel guilty about my lack of blog posts and book reviews.  I need a break from it so I can study and do well in my classes.

So, unfortunately, the hiatus is not going to end for the next two months. That is, unless I have a burst of inspiration and enough time to write it, then I will post!  But don’t count on it.

I’ll still be popping in and out on Goodreads and I’m trying to post once a week on Instagram, and you are welcome follow me there!


In other news, I took a break for half a day on Saturday and went to Uprise Festival.  If you don’t know what that is, you are missing out.  It is only the most amazingest Christian music festival ever!!

And being the bookworm, umm, I mean bookdragon that I am, I found the only vendor that had a small handful of books off to one corner of his table.  Yes, I can’t even go to a music festival without finding books!


I won’t get around to reading these for a while (because school), but I’m just happy to have them.  Look how pretty they are!  And they are about dragons too!


I hope you all are having a fantastic year.  Don’t miss me too much! (but don’t have too much fun without me either :P)

Happy Reading!