Interview with Jaye L Knight and Review.

Ello, everyone! So this was supposed to go live last week… but I got my days messed up, oops! Oh, well. Here it is now! Interview first!

Thanks for joining me today, Jaye!

How do you come up with names for your characters? Also the names for the different species!

It really depends on the character. Some character just demand a certain name. Like Tyra. Even though she’s a wolf, she just demanded that name. For others, it’s more difficult. Then I usually turn to a fantasy name generator for ideas. This one is my favorite since it gives a lot of options. Also, I have a growing list of names that catch my eye that I look through as well. As far as different races and species, I have no idea. ;) I guess I just play with different names and words until one sounds right.
How long does it take you to write a rough draft?

On average, it takes me 5-12 months to write my first draft. I don’t like taking more than a year to write a book. Ideally, I’d like to finish in under 6 months, but sometimes stories just don’t cooperate.

Do you listen to music while writing?

I usually don’t listen to music while I’m actively writing, but I do sometimes when I’m editing. Mostly I listen to a few songs before I start writing to get inspired.

Last question! What’s your favorite hot drink?

Irish Breakfast tea! With plenty of sugar and creamer, of course. ;)

Now, on to the review!


Samara’s Peril

Genre: Christian Fiction, Fantasy.

Age Range: 14+ for violence

Favorite Quote: “It’s as if you are trying to hide yourself from Him, believing you’re too broken and lost for Him to love. Oh, Jace, that just isn’t true. He does love you.”

Series: Third book in the Ilyon Chronicles.

Stars: 5 out 5




    This will be a very gushy review. You’ve been warned!

    When I pick up a book, the main thing I’m looking for is great characters, which is what draws me in. And that’s exactly what Jaye L. Knight gives us! These characters are phenomenal! They’ve grown so much since the first book, Resistance. Jace is still my favorite! Most of the time I want to hug him, but other times I want to punch him and tell him he’s worth it! Elom (God) loves him. He’s probably one of my favorite fictional characters. We got quite a few Jace and Kyrin moments, which made me extremely happy.

     Kyrin and Kaden have also done quite a bit of growing since the beginning. I love their faith and the direction Kaden’s leadership went in Samara’s Peril. Also, I love their relationship! They, as siblings, have gone through a lot of stuff, but they’re still great friends and still trust in Elom.

     We hadn’t had a Jesus figure yet, and it was great to see him introduced! The salvation message was very prominent and well done. It made me really happy to see it woven throughout the story.

    Dragons! Okay, I love dragons a lot! There is quite a few dragons in The King’s Scrolls. the second book, and they stayed around.

    There were a few things I didn’t like about the book. I almost gave it four stars, but I loved the ending too much to do that! Towards the beginning of the story the writing felt a little stilted to me. The dialogue was done beautifully, but everything else felt weird. She did a lot of telling instead of showing. That smoothed out after the first 25%. There is something that happens in the beginning of the book that seems really cliche to me, and it was very unbelievable.


I would suggest this series to teens who love fantasy and emotional connection to characters!

*I received a copy of this book from the author, Jaye L Knight, in exchange for my honest review.*


You can find Jaye L Knight on Facebook and her blog!



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