Review and Winner.

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Tears of Dark Water by Corban Addison

the tears

Genre: Contemporary.

Age Range: 18+

Series: No.

Stars: 2 out of 5 stars.(Should be one star, but I’m generous.)

Publisher: Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Fiction.

I didn’t like this book at all. I will be telling exactly what I disliked about it so there are spoilers below. I stopped reading this book with one hundred pages left.

This book is published by a CHRISTIAN company. When I pick up a secular book, I expect language. When I pick up a book published by a Christian company, I expect it to be fairly clean. This book was anything but clean, that is language wise. There were several uses of the S-, B-, and D-word throughout the book.

After I got over the shock of the cuss words, I actually started to enjoy the story. Daniel and his son, Quentin, have been sailing for several months now, and were ready to go home. Suddenly, pirates attack! My interest was finally piqued as things started speeding up. The FBI was called and everything was finally in place.

FBI agent Paul Derrick is trying to get Daniel and Quentin off the boat without getting them killed. That’s when the story gets confusing. For some reason the pirate, Ismail, who seemed to be cooperating, kills Daniel. Ismail’s actions didn’t fit his personality. After this happened, Ismail was captured, and Quentin was saved.

There were two hundred pages left, and I persevered for one hundred pages, but that was all I could handle. The action had all died down. They introduced Ismail’s sister to try and build a little more suspense, but I really didn’t care about her at all.

    There was no Christian faith in the book as far as I had read. The only faith was Muslim and wasn’t a big point in the book.

    I was very disappointed in this book, since it was published by a Christian publishing company. I probably won’t be picking up another Corban Addison book any time soon.

**I received this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Fiction, in exchange for my honest review.**




About sierrafaith327

I am a 18 year old Christian, Homeschooled, book addict :D That sums me up in one sentence! I also have a love for horses.

4 thoughts on “Review and Winner.

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I saw the two stars and it did not get better. Really, from reading this, I’m wondering why it was published by Thomas Nelson?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rachael Merritt says:

    I have noticed that several books published by Zondervan or Thomas Nelson have had language or no faith based theme in them. They were recently bought by, I believe, Harper Collins. The quality of the Christian part of these books has suffered. Thanks for the review, I like to know what books to avoid.

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