Review: Golden Braid {Giveaway at the end!}

The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson
The Golden Braid
Genre: Romance, Christian.
Age Range: 13+
Favorite Quote: “So, you see, a man can love you, but only imperfectly. It is God alone who can be God.”
Series: The sixth book of The Hagenheim Series. Each book can be read individually, but I recommend reading them in order.
Stars: 5/5
About the Author: Blog and Facebook.

     Melanie Dickerson did it again!!! The Golden Braid was phenomenal! Oh, that plot twist! Melanie didn’t really lead up to the plot twist, just BOOM! There it was. I could probably write a review just about the plot-twist, but then it wouldn’t be a spoiler-free review ;)


     I am very happy I was able to re-visit some of my favorite Hagenheim characters again! I love all of them, especially Lady Rose as she was the first heroine written by Melanie Dickerson that began my appreciation for her writing.


     The Golden Braid overlaps with The Princess Spy. You are able to read it through the eyes of different characters and see other scenes you weren’t able to witness before!


     Rapunzel, as a character, is amazing. When she was a child she didn’t learn how to read and write, but she did learn how to do everything else. From knife throwing to painting to singing. Rapunzel can pretty much do it all. I love her gentle spirit and her caring nature.


     The main guy, Gerek, is a great character. Melanie put just as much work into his life and personality as Rapunzel. I normally don’t enjoy reading from a guy’s perspective, especially when there is a girl character involved. There are mentions of him noticing her hair and beauty, but he didn’t linger for it to get awkward for the reader.


    Definitely my favorite of the series so far! If you love romance and YA go pick this up!


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