Currently // December

I saw this idea over at Katie Grace’s blog and thought it’d be fun! So here is what I am “currently doing” in December!

Currently // Listening

For King and Country

For King and Country! They are definitely my favorite band :) I got to see them in concert a couple of weeks ago! (Tried to upload pictures to show you guys, but WordPress wouldn’t let me…)

Currently // Watching


My current obsession :D I believe I’ve gone through two seasons in less than a week! I don’t want it to end. The cussing and sexual remarks and scenes are a little much, but other than that I love it!

Currently // Reading

The Last Olympian

I am almost done with the Percy Jackson series!  It’s taken me forever! I have the first three book of the Heroes of Olympus series to read once I finish this :)

Currently // Procrastinating

Writing and school! I love writing… but sometimes sitting down and doing it is harder than it sounds. And school… well, school is school :D

Currently // Looking Forward To



My 18th birthday.


Hope you guys enjoyed this little post :) Would this be something you’d enjoy seeing every month? What is a show YOU’RE currently watching?




About sierrafaith327

I am a 18 year old Christian, Homeschooled, book addict :D That sums me up in one sentence! I also have a love for horses.

3 thoughts on “Currently // December

  1. Rivka Ray says:

    I LOVE for King and Country!! Baby Boy has been my favorite Christmas song the last two years :)


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