5 Books That Gave me a Book Hangover in 2015

Hello everyone! The other day I was talking to my friend, Allie, about book hangovers. A book hangover is

  1. The inability to start a new book because you are still living in the old book’s world;
  2. The inability to function at work/school because you can’t stop thinking about “the book.”

So I thought I would share the five books of 2015 that gave me a book hangover! I will also be tagging a few people at the end!


I had never heard of this book before, so I wasn’t expecting much out of it. It blew me away!  I was thankful I owned the sequel, but sadly the sequel wasn’t as good.








CressTo tell the truth, I disliked Cinder and Scarlet, the first two books in the Lunar Chronicles. I found Cinder too predictable, and Scarlet never enthralled me. I am so glad I pushed through because along came Cress! It gave me one of my WORST book hangovers of the year!







Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00020]I can’t wait for the third book in this series to be released! Amazing series  I kept re-living the moments with my favorite characters, especially Jace!








JupiterPretty sure all of C.J.’s books have given me book hangovers… Specifically Jupiter Winds.  According to Goodreads I didn’t finish a book for two weeks after reading Jupiter Winds!








Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.00.38 AMLast, but not least, Mockingjay. I was so sad after reading this book! The trilogy was over. I re-read it last week and almost had ANOTHER book hangover. Thankfully, I pulled out of it!








Hope you guys enjoyed!

I tag:

Marklessgirl at The Library In My Room

Ally at The Scribbling Sprite

and last, but not least, Rivka Ray! The other half of 26 Countless Possibilities :)





About sierrafaith327

I am a 18 year old Christian, Homeschooled, book addict :D That sums me up in one sentence! I also have a love for horses.

4 thoughts on “5 Books That Gave me a Book Hangover in 2015

  1. […] Thanks to my blog buddy, Sierra, for tagging me! You can read her answers here […]


  2. YES YES YES. So many book hangovers. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AllyR. says:

    Ooh, thanks for the tag! I’m definitely doing this. Need to get out of this ridiculous blogging slump.

    I loved Mockingjay, Cress, and My Fair Godmother. And I also REALLY want to read the other two.

    Liked by 1 person

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