A Time to Die Read-through October 3rd

Sierra has been talking about how amazing this book is and has wanted me to read it for a while. This read through is a great opportunity to finally read it! Anyone want to read it with me?
Be sure to click the image to join the Goodreads group! :D

Story of Fire

Shalom, readers! Today I’m excited to announce the first Goodreads A Time to Die read-through! (Click the picture to go to the link.)

Basically, what you do is:

  1. Get a Goodreads account. To participate in the read-through officially, this is required, but if you read through it, and don’t have or want a Goodreads account, you can just post your comments on this blog post. But Goodreads is free, and slightly awesome, so there shouldn’t be any problem there. :P
  2. Start reading A Time to Die on October 3rd. If you don’t have the book, request it from your library. If your library doesn’t have it, buy it. Seriously, you won’t regret it. I posted a review for this book a while back, and since then I have re-read it. It was even more amazing on the second read. It’s available to buy on several sites, all of which are linked…

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I am a book loving college student who never has enough time to read. I am also in love with all things Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

4 thoughts on “A Time to Die Read-through October 3rd

  1. sierrafaith327 says:

    Are you far in it?

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