Top Ten Most Owned Authors

Today’s post is kind of random. :) I saw it on Youtube and liked the idea! So here we go.

Number ten is Evan Angler. I own a lot of four book series and chose this one at random :D Swipe

Number 9 is Susan K Marlow with a total of six books. This was a favorite series when I was younger and she is continuing it! Which makes me happy, happy, happy :D Marlow

Number 8 are my much loved Laura Ingalls Wilder books AKA Little House on the Prairie with a total of seven  books.


Number 7 is tied with number 8. My Anne Elisabeth Stengl books. I love these guys books so much it’s not even funny.


Number 6. I own eight Lisa Bergren books. (Only seven are pictured because Deluge is loaned out)


Number 5. Marguerite Henry. Another one of my favorite authors growing up!!! I remember a whole box full of her books coming in the mail as a surprise from my parents. Eight books from her :)


Number 4. Here are my Lauraine Snelling books. I think I have more hiding around somewhere but who knows where! Nine Snelling books :D


Number 3. There is a little bit more variety with my Donita K Paul books! Four separate series and ten books. (One Realm Beyond is on loan)

Donita K

Number 2. Now we skip all the way up to SIXTEEN books with Martha Finley. (I use to own 28 by her!) This tower kept threatening to topple over.


And then.. the “grand” first prize goes to…. Drumroll Terri Farly with a total of eighteen books!


I love both of these series so much! I have more books to collect before they are ever finished though….

Well, there we have it :D I hope you enjoyed my rather random post……..

Have you read any of these series? Who is your top owned author?

I am going to start using a signature for my blog post! Which one do YOU like best?

(I did not make any of these, I found them all online.)



About sierrafaith327

I am a 18 year old Christian, Homeschooled, book addict :D That sums me up in one sentence! I also have a love for horses.

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Most Owned Authors

  1. Lauren says:

    Lol, I think I could tie you for #s 3 and 8 ( I think those are the numbers).
    10 D.K.Paul’s and I think 8 Laura Wilder’s. Other than that, my most owned author is probably Jacques.

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  2. I love the top signature thing! :D
    Ohmigravy, I used to have all ten of that Lauraine Snelling series, High Hurdles. I was always a horse girl. (Still am. :P) And of course Marguerite Henry’s. I know for sure that the author whose books I have the most of is John R. Erickson. I have books 1-53 of Hank the Cowdog. XD

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  3. My most owned author is Nancy Rue at 12 (without re-buys) with re-buys it is Margaret Peterson Haddix at 13.

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  4. Great books! I like the middle for a signature. And my most owned is Bryan Davis with a total of seven. :( Though if you count all my family’s then it’s 18.

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