Book Review: Of Dreams and Rust

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 12.35.05 PMTitle:  Of Dreams and Rust

Author: Sarah Fine

Series?  Sequel to Of Metal and Wishes

Cliffhanger? No

POV: First person, present tense. One narrator.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Author’s Website:

My Rating: 1.5 of 5 stars
(half a star for good writing, and well, I did finish the book after all)

About the Book (from goodreads)
In the year since the collapse of the slaughterhouse where Wen worked as her father’s medical assistant, she’s held all her secrets close. She works in the clinic at the weapons factory and sneaks away to nurse Bo, once the Ghost, now a boy determined to transform himself into a living machine. Their strange, fragile friendship soothes some of the ache of missing Melik, the strong-willed Noor who walked away from Wen all those months ago—but it can’t quell her fears for him.

The Noor are waging a rebellion in the west. When she overhears plans to crush Melik’s people with the powerful war machines created at the factory, Wen makes the painful decision to leave behind all she has known—including Bo—to warn them. But the farther she journeys into the warzone, the more confusing things become. A year of brutality seems to have changed Melik, and Wen has a decision to make about him and his people: How much is she willing to sacrifice to save them from complete annihilation?

My review
Some books should remain stand-alones.  Of Metal and Wishes is one of them.  I loved the first book, and still recommend it, you can see my review of it for details.  Initially, I was really excited about a sequel.  And the cover is just so pretty!!  The first book concluded the Phantom of the Opera story, so I was curious what direction this book would take.  While I did wonder if it would be more romantic than the first book, since the mystery of the factory ghost is no longer, I was still optimistic.

At first I thought I liked this book.  I was super happy to get back into the world of Wen and Melik.  I was caught up in the excitement of seeing what happens next for the characters.  Unfortunately, it was not the same world or people I remember.

Writing and Plot
The writing is good, just like I remembered.  I actually think this book is more quotable than Of Metal and Wishes.  But even with good writing, the plot sunk the story.  And so many plot cliches!!  It is slow paced, with mostly internal conflict.  And annoying internal conflict over a forced love triangle at that!

Lets Add a Love Triangle!
In Of Metal and Wishes, there was no question who had Wen’s heart.  She was intrigued by mysterious Bo, but he was not a love interest.  Now Bo loved Wen, but it was more obsession, stalkerish “love.”  Wen sympathized and even grew fond of Bo, but she never had a romantic attraction to him.  Enter the sequel: Of Dreams and Rust. Wen is confused about who she loves!  She might love Bo and feels like she might belong with him.  And then there is Melik, who held her heart during the first book.  She loves him too!  But Wen is not sure if Melik loves her back, even when it is glaringly obvious.  For the rest of the book she has conflicted feelings for both men.

And she won’t communicate with either of them!  The communication in this book is annoyingly bad. They spend far too much time trying  to sort out their feelings and trying to guess what the other person is thinking. Even Melik does not communicate with Wen.  But the Noors typically say everything on their minds!  And the lame excuse that he is trying to be more Itanyai for her did not help the believability.

That Ending
I’m also REALLY mad about how it ended.  I will put that in spoilers for you. The war machines are coming and Wen gives a conditional promise to go with Bo back to the factory, but only if he helps stop the war machines.  Bo becomes friends with Melik’s younger brother Sinan because he is mechanically inclined. [Highlight to reveal spoiler]  (In the battle against the war machines Sinan dies.  And of course, everyone blames Bo and acts like he is a horrible monster.  Bo runs away leaving Wen behind.  Now to the part that made me angry. Wen sees how well Sinan and Bo got along, and thinks they would have become excellent friends. It is insinuated that Sinan would have become obsessive about machines like Bo to the point that it might be better that he died than see that fate.  Now, I could be reading into that, but that is the definite the impression I got.

With Bo gone, Wen and Melik realize they are meant for each other and run off in a cave to have sex.  (non-descriptive, but still) Fine, whatever.  The problem is, Bo shows back up because there is a second waves of war machines.  And seeing Bo sends Wen into confusion between the two men – again!!  Ugh, sooooooo annoying.  Bo and Melik put aside their differences once more to fight off the evil Itanyai war machines.  Both die, but we only see Bo’s death scene – making it obvious that Wen only thinks Melik is dead.  Wen, seeing that she really loves Bo, kisses him at the moment of his death.  He is later lauded for he bravery and selflessness, and even credited with ending the war because the Itanyai realized the Noor had a machine of their own, referring to Bo.

Enter most typical and predictable ending ever:
Wen becomes delirious because of some injury she had.  She dreams of Melik, but later wakes up to find him still alive.  Wen and Melik realize that they were meant for each other all along (for the fourth time since the book started, so it really doesn’t mean much any more), and with Bo gone there is no confusion or competition.  So cheesey!!  [End spoiler]

Sorry for the long spoilery digression, but sometimes the story itself is the best way to explain my feelings for it.  In fact, I will write a summary of the book to farther show my disapproval of the sequel.  You can read it and save yourself the time of reading the actual book.


Of Dreams and Rust: A Summary

Wen: I’m so in love with Melik! I dream about him and even say his name in my sleep!

Factory worker: We will send war machines against those evil Noor to rid our selves of them once and for all!

Wen: Oh no! I must go warn Melik so he does not die!!

Melik: Wen, why are you here?

Wen: Oh no, I thought he loved me, but he is fighting on the side of the Noor and killing people. How could he love me if he is doing that?

Melik: What are you talking about? I was helping you and the Itanyai prisoners. I even helped them escape and gave you the opportunity!!

Wen: Oh, that’s right. And I didn’t escape with them because I loved you! And now I see you love me too!

passionate kissing

Bo: I saw that! How could you love that below the scum of the earth Noor? You belong with me!

Wen: You are right Bo. I should be with you. I don’t even know if Melik loves me!

Melik: So you have spent the last year with this Bo machine guy. This is why you don’t love me any more.

Wen: But Melik, I do love you! I will stay with you forever, if only I knew that you loved me back.

Bo: The village will be attacked. Wen and I will run away so we are not harmed.

Wen: But I cannot stand to think that Melik, the love of my life, might die. You must save him, Bo! If you save him, I will run away with you and never think of Melik again.

Bo: Yay! I win. I will have Wen forever!

Melik: They are acting all loving. I must act distant and brooding so Wen knows of my jealousy.

Wen: Melik is not talking to me. He must not love me! I was right to stay with Bo.

Melik: I might die, but I do love you Wen. Very much.

Wen: You might die, so I too will proclaim my love for you, Melik.

passionate kissing

battle occurs

Melik: One of my beloved men has died and it is all that Bo machine’s fault. I must kill him!

Wen: No! Don’t kill him!

Melik: I see you are still in love with Bo.

Bo: I saw you kiss Melik before the battle. You are really in love with him. I will leave you and you will never see me again.

Wen: Oh no! Bo is gone, and I don’t even know if Melik loves me!

Melik’s Mom: Wen, why are you not comforting Melik during his sorrow?

Wen: Because I don’t know if he loves me!

Melik’s mom: Of course he loves you! You are the only one who can comfort him!

Wen: Yay! He loves me! We should run off in a cave and have non-descriptive safe for YA book sex!

Melik: Now we both know that we are meant to be together.

Bo: I’m back. And more war machines are coming to mow down the Noor. I will stop them. It is the only way to right my wrongs.

Wen: I said I loved Melik, but do I really want him forever? Maybe I should be with Bo.

[Highlight to reveal spoilers]

Melik dies in fiery battle

Bo: I’m hit!  I’m dying!

Wen:  Oh, Bo!  Now I see that I really do love you.  If you weren’t dying, I would have run off with you!

passionate kissing

Melik: But I’m not actually dead.  I love you, Wen!

Wen: Now that Bo is dead, I don’t have to choose between the two guys, woohoo!! I love you too, Melik!  I will be with you forever.

Melik: Bo was a hero.  He ended the fighting between the Itanyai and the Noor.

Wen: Bo was a great man, but not as great as you, Melik! I’m so happy to be pregnant with your child!

[End Spoiler]


Other things to be noted
There is a fair amount of war violence in this book, but no more graphic than the first book.

There are quite a few passionate kisses.  The idea is presented that marriage is not forever. And there is a non-decriptive sex scene.

Some nonsense about what happens after death that leave many possibilities open, including reincarnation. I skimmed it and can’t remember details.


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I am a book loving college student who never has enough time to read. I am also in love with all things Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

One thought on “Book Review: Of Dreams and Rust

  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for this review; it has higher numbers on Goodreads than the first book! Personally I hate that there seem to be no more stand-alone books, even if they were intended that way.
    Also, Bo dying at the end of the first book is unmistakable- he had no way to get out, they barely got out of the only elevator when the factory blew up. It was a bittersweet, romantic death.

    And what is with every teen love story where sex becomes involved? With all the back and forth Wen goes through, it seems like a stupid decision. And the pregnancy?! Seriously? Anyway, thank you for an honest review. I will just pretend that the second book doesn’t exist.


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