Guest Post Thursday!

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to be guest blogging at 26 Countless Possibilities today and in the spirit of the love for reading, I’d like to share with you a book that I recently read and loved.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.17.08 AMTitle: The Reason

Author: William Sirls

Series? No

Cliffhanger? No

POV: Third person, past tense

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Author’s Website:

My Rating: 5/5 stars

About the Book: (snippet taken from Goodreads)

Storm clouds gather over a small Michigan town. As thunder shakes the sky, the lights inside St.

Thomas Church flicker . . . and then go out.

All is black until a thick bolt of lightning slices the sky, striking the church’s large wooden cross–

leaving it ablaze and splintered in two.

When the storm ends–the search for answers begins.

James Lindy, the church’s blind minister, wonders how his small congregation can repair the cross

and keep their faith in the midst of adversity. And he hears the words “only believe.”

Macey Lewis, the town’s brilliant young oncologist, is drawn to Alex, a young boy who’s recently

been diagnosed with an aggressive leukemia. She puts her hope in modern medicine–yet is challenged

to “only believe.”

And Alex’s single mom, who has given everything she can to her boy, is pleading with God to know

the reason this is happening . . . to save her son. But she only hears silence and wonders how she can

possibly “only believe.”


William Sirls’ The Reason is a fantastic read that is well worth the time. Sirls is an author who truly knows how to keep a reader hooked. I’m sure he’d be able to write a novel about watching paint dry, and make it interesting. The way he weaves his words is simply amazing. There were multiple plotlines in this novel and multiple characters who each had their own unique story. Sirls did not lose sight of them; he kept them interesting and developed equally. The characters were dynamic and very realistic. Anyone could relate to at least one character in the novel.

The novel was full of hope and miracles. I was right there beside the characters. I could feel their emotions for myself. Their sense of loss and desperation, replaced then by hope, and finally their gratitude filled admiration. I found that my own faith was tested right along with theirs. Would I only believe? How far can miracles go? I found myself beside the characters, feeling their hope and awe and also found my faith tested with theirs.

When all hope is lost, do we still trust in God? Can we accept what we are? Can we believe in miracles?

The Reason explores these questions with a dynamically written novel woven in such a way that every word is simply engaging. Sirls did a terrific job with this novel, and if you take the time to read his own true story, you will be filled with hope at his tale of second chances and life changes.



Thank you to Rebecca and Sierra for allowing me to guest blog today. :) I do have my own blog over at where I talk about things I love, do reviews and write poetry! Stop on by if you have the chance. :)



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I am a book loving college student who never has enough time to read. I am also in love with all things Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

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