Review: A Time to Die

Since I had an interview with Nadine Tuesday, I thought I would finally get my review up for A Time to Die!

A Time to Die

A Time to Die

Genre: Christian, Dystopian.

Favorite Quote: “You shouldn’t be placing hope in our lives, Parvin. That’s my point. I don’t know the answers of the future, but your confidence and hope need to be in God.”

Age Range: 14+ (See end of review)

Stars: 4/5

The whole idea for this book was unique; I found it very interesting. The setting of A Time to Die is a Dystopian world where everyone knows the day they die, for Parvin that day is soon.

I fell in love with Parvin, the main character. At first I thought her whiny and she grated on my nerves, but it didn’t take long to change my mind! I loved Parvin’s growing faith throughout the book.

This story has made me ponder on my life. If I was to die tomorrow, would I have wasted my life on worthless things? This whole book just made me think.

With this being a fictional setting I felt like some aspects of the story could have been explained better. I couldn’t picture some of the buildings that Parvin visited. There were also a couple of devices I was very confused as to how they worked or what they looked like (the emotigraph, for example). I would have appreciated a little more information.

For this being Nadine’s debut novel she did an AMAZING job. I am super excited for her second book A Time to Speak. It’s releasing sometime this fall, which is too far away if you ask me.

I would caution sensitive people due to a birth scene and several detailed “surgery” scenes.

Overall: I loved this book and I have plans to re-read it this summer!

Be sure and come back next week! Rebecca and I will be hosting giveaways all week :D


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  2. Sounds interesting! I’ve been wanting to read this one…

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